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Collegeboxes is a U-Haul Company

Collegeboxes is owned by U-Haul International, Inc.

Collegeboxes provides boxes & supplies, pickup, storage, delivery, and shipping (national & international) services to and from school for college and university students.  We're not just another storage company, we  manage the entire process from pickup to final delivery. Collegeboxes began as a student run business at Duke University in 1999 and today provides storage and shipping service for thousands of students around the world. 

College and University Administrators

Want to give your students the very best in collegiate storage and shipping? Collegeboxes will work with you to develop a storage and shipping operation that works for your school.  Please contact marketing@collegeboxes.com for additional information.

Marketing Partnerships

Collegeboxes partners with top-notch companies to reach its college customers. If your company is interested contact marketing@collegeboxes.com for additional information

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