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10 College Student Must-Sees in New York

College Student Must-Sees in New York

Start spreading the news, you’re leaving to the concrete jungle where dreams are made of. A place where all are welcome. The state is full of people of all ages and ethnicities, with over 800 languages spoken on its streets. It is also a state full of colleges around almost every corner. This means many students who moved out of state for college live and see the city on college budgets. Even as an expensive state, many still come from far and wide to tour. Here are the top ten places to visit in New York, ballin’ on a college budget.

1. Museums  

“The Night at the Museum” didn’t just come from any old museum. The American Museum of Natural History (located on Central Park West in Manhattan) is a highlight when exploring the great state of New York. Just like the movie, this museum is home to multiple periods in history. Another museum in Manhattan would be the Museum of Modern Art, also known as the MoMA. College students can buy tickets at a discounted rate, for about $15. The museum shows art from all periods of time, organized as if it was a timeline from then ’til now.

These are just two of many museums across the state. Some other honorable mentions would be the Metropolitan Museum of Art (Fifth Ave., New York, NY) and the Fashion Institute of Technology (27th St., New York, NY).

Museum of Modern Art

2. The Bronx Zoo 

The Bronx Zoo is one of the largest zoos in the U.S. It is on the higher end for pricing, but the experience makes it worth the while. Located in the middle of Bronx Parks, the zoo does conservation work for all kinds of animals. They even have their own show on Animal Planet. This is the place to be for animal lovers. 

Giraffe at Bronx Zoo

3. Statue of Liberty 

The beautiful statue representing our freedom is a key sight-seeing destination for the people of New York. A short ferry ride to Liberty Island is all you need. If you are a student who has more money to spend, tours of Lady Liberty are for sale online. Ellis Island is nearby and also a ferry ride away and you get to see the Immigration Museum. Round-trip tickets to both islands are around $30 per person. If that is too much for the college budget, take a free Staten Island Ferry, which shows both sides of the Statue of Liberty from a decent distance.   

Statue of Liberty

4. Central Park

Located in the middle of Manhattan, Central Park is free to access. All students need is a way to get there. The park is one of the most filmed locations in the world, making it as popular as it is. This is a great little getaway from city life for a second, and who knows if you will end up as an extra in the next best film. With new events constantly occurring, from concerts to horse and carriage tours, at Central Park, you can do everything or relax and do nothing at all. 

Central Park

5. Times Square 

Also commonly known as “The Center of the Universe,” Times Square is home to the NYE ball drop and one of the largest commercial intersections. With its colorful electric billboards, a wide range of stores, and popularity in the movie industry, tourists from around the globe flock to see its liveliness. Times Square is free to visit, so there’s no punch to the college budget unless you plan to shop (which usually ends up happening). It is the place to be at night where all signs and buildings light up the sky. Standing dead center and watching the people of the world move around you is quite the experience.

Time Square

6. Rockefeller Center

Rockefeller Center is located on Rockefeller Plaza in the middle of New York City. The actual center costs about $30-$40 to tour, but they hold events from time to time free and open to the public. The famous Rockefeller Christmas tree lighting is a huge tourist attraction as well. To see the tree from December to the first week of January is a part of the free and open-to-the-public events.    

Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center

7. Jones Beach 

When moving to New York, visiting Long Island and all of its beaches is a great getaway from city life and college stress. Jones Beach is located in Nassau County and is full of fun things to do. The beach itself is about 6 ½ miles long with a boardwalk and shops stretching across most of it. The popular Northwell Jones Beach Theater is also on the beach, with the stands facing out towards the ocean. The cost to visit is just the amount to pay for parking. The shops and concerts are extra, but not necessary to enjoy the soft sand and breathtaking view. 

Jones Beach

8. Robert Moses State Park 

Fire Island, in Suffolk County a little farther east on Long Island, Robert Moses State Park is another stretch of beaches and lighthouses open to the public. The beautiful beach has multiple landings, each a little different than the rest. Sunrises are a breathtaking view as the sun peeks out from beyond the waters. People can swim, surf, relax, and eat in the small restaurants or shops along the sand. All students need to bring is $8 per car for parking and their desire for fun in the sun.

Robert Moses Beach

9. The Big Duck 

For those with a fear of birds, the Big Duck may not be for you. Flanders, NY is home to the 20ft tall Duck-shaped building, a part of the Register of Historic Places. It was built in 1931 to, well, sell ducks and their eggs. The Duck is now an exhibit for Long Island duck farming and a gift shop. A great photo-op for those students who love a quick laugh.

The Big Duck located in Long Island

10. Walking the Brooklyn Bridge 

This bridge is an iconic site, and great if you are looking for a good photo background. The Brooklyn Bridge takes about 30 minutes to walk across with a 360 view of Manhattan. At night is a great time to walk across if students are into seeing city lights light up the night. It’s all walking and no shops, so it is a completely free experience.  

Brooklyn Bridge

New York is full of places to see and people to meet. You’re only this age for a short time, so why not enjoy the moments as much as you can?

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