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Moving Out of State for College

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The college you decide to attend can have a significant impact on your future. Considering factors such as location, quality of education, and extra-curricular activities – there are many elements that come into play when determining which college is right for you. For many, their dream university happens to be in an entirely different state. Often several states away even. Moving to college can be a stressful moment when it’s a few hours drive away. However, moving out of state for college is an entirely different process. To help, Collegeboxes has explored this topic with useful information including how to move out of state for college.

Things to Consider When Moving Away for College

Moving to a different state for college is a big decision. There are many factors that need to be taken into consideration before deciding whether it’s the best option for you. Among these factors, the most prominent include higher costs, being away from family, and living in an unfamiliar environment. To start, moving away from your home state for college means you will likely be charged the out-of-state tuition rate. It’s also worth mentioning the additional travel costs for coming home during holidays and breaks. College is expensive and this added burden to your costs should be noted.

Depending on the individual, being away from family can also be a crucial deciding factor. Once the initial excitement wears off, many begin to miss their loved ones and the place they call home. This can be compounded by living in a previously unfamiliar environment. It takes time to adjust to a completely different environment and lifestyle. However, while these aspects of moving away from home for college are important to consider – there are also many reasons why it is worth it for so many students.

Is Moving to Another State for College Worth It?

There are many benefits to moving to another state for college which makes it worth it for so many students each year. While moving a great distance from home may be a concern for some students – others fully embrace and enjoy the opportunity. When moving out of state for college you can develop a broader perspective on the world, while improving your ability to adapt to different environments. You will be able to explore different cities and regions of the country while creating new memories which aren’t associated with where you grew up. You will also have the opportunity to make new friends with an entirely different background than yourself.

As you are making your way through your educational journey, you may also have more opportunities for internships and jobs as you will have established connections in a state other than where you are from. All these benefits make moving out of state for college worth it for so many students. Despite this, the process of moving across the country is still a massive struggle for many.

How to Move Out of State for College

Heading off to college can be a daunting experience and the thought of moving out of your comfort zone and into a new state can be even more so. But if you set your mind to it, there are plenty of ways to make this transition as smooth as possible. How you plan and how you pack will be extremely important for this move. Early in the process, you will need to gather an idea of how much you can bring when packing for college.

Another critical aspect of this move will be your transportation to your school. Depending on the transportation you will use to reach campus, you may not have the option to bring very much. This can lead to issues when deciding what to bring and what to leave. If getting to campus with all your needed belongings is an issue, another option would be to ship your items to your school. You can ship your clothes and other items through standard shipping providers – however you will likely run into the issue of properly securing your items and getting them to your dorm. Due to situations like these, it frequently makes sense to consider hiring professional help for assistance.

Collegeboxes assisting a student moving out of state for college.

Collegeboxes Can Help Your Journey

As the #1 student storage and shipping provider – Collegeboxes offers the services you need to simplify your college moving experience. If you’re planning to ship your items to campus, our Ship to School service is a tremendous option. When using the Ship to School service, your boxes and luggage are shipped from your home to a local U-Haul facility near campus. There your items are temporarily stored and then delivered directly to your dorm room on the date you choose. This entire process can be tracked and managed from your account with 24/7 customer support.

For the best experience when moving out of state for college, consider using Collegeboxes to make your journey to campus stress-free.

Moving to a different state for college can be a nerve-wracking process, let Collegeboxes assist your move to campus. See if your university is among the thousands of schools we serve and sign up today! If you’re a parent, please visit our page dedicated to parents for more information on how to support your child moving to college.