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Ways to Reuse Zip Ties in Your Dorm

Everyone knows how versatile zip ties are in just about every aspect of life. Broken zipper? Zip tie. Miscellaneous cords getting tangled? Zip tie. Front bumper hanging off? Zip tie. (Just kidding, you should probably get that last one fixed). Did you know zip ties can also be reused, making them even more valuable, especially in your college dorm?

When you pull the zip tie through the square-shaped locking mechanism, there is a small switch that will be below the zip tie. Push that down with either your nail or by wedging a pin or something between it and the tie. Push down the switch, and pull out the tie, and bam! Now you can use it again! Ok, time for the hacks.

Replacing a Shower Curtain Ring

College is all about making it work on a tight budget. So, when the little things break, like a shower curtain ring, you got to do what you got to do. String the zip tie through the hole on the curtain and then over the rod, then tighten it up to match the length of the other rings! No more droopy shower curtains!

Keep Storage Bin Lids Closed

Storage bins are a great thing to have, especially in college. Keeping them closed whether in transit or just in the closet can sometimes be a pain. For the bins that have smaller holes around the handle and lid, just slide a couple of zip ties through and tighten! You can drill your own holes too, if the bin doesn’t already have some.

Hang Brooms Easier

Organization is key in a dorm room. Take your broom and string a zip tie through the loop at the top of the handle for easier hanging. If there is no loop, you can always glue or tape the looped zip tie to the end.

Make a Key Ring

Something we’re all guilty of at some point… forgetting our keys. You can use zip ties to keep your keys, keychains, and anything else securely attached.

Creating Snow Tires for Your Bike

You may not have heard of this one before. However, if you think about it, this could be perfect for college students in colder areas. Take some zip ties and tie them around the tire, decently spaced out. Make sure there’s wiggle room for air in the tires. The zip ties will dig into the snow and give you better traction, like snow chains on a car!

Fix a Toilet Handle

Back to fixing things on a budget, mainly if you’re in an off-campus apartment. If the chain inside the toilet bowl ever breaks off from the handle, just loop a few zip ties together and connect to the handle and chain. Easy fix, at least until you can get it actually fixed.

There are multiple different ways to use a zip tie! Knowing how to reuse them saves money and keeps more zip ties out of the trash. When you order our Collegeboxes Starter Kit, zip ties come with it, so you already will have them at your disposal! Use them for Summer Storage and attaching labels, then reuse them during the school year for everything else! Happy Recycling!