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Tips for Selecting College Movers

Finding the right school for you wasn’t easy. Through countless applications and endless nights looking for universities that suited your needs, you landed on the destination that fit you. The next decision will be about how to get all your stuff there.

Luckily, there’s a handful of college moving experts to choose from. Putting in the time and effort today, will help your future move. Here are a few helpful tips to find college movers for you.

What Do You Need?

It’s a broad question, but it’s important to be honest with yourself. Do you need your items sent to school? Is storage going to be a necessity for you when you go back home for the summer? Are you studying abroad this semester? Certain companies won’t offer all these services especially in specific college towns. Make sure your choice for college movers fulfills your needs.

One company that does offer all those services mentioned is Collegeboxes. We offer storage and shipping. Additionally, we ship to school, meaning we receive and temporarily store your belongings to be delivered to school when you arrive. There is also direct shipping offered to send your stuff to the address of your choice, any time, any place world-wide.

Customers can also order our signature supply kit, which comes with 5 double-walled (24″x16″x18″) boxes, marker, tape, 5 zip ties, 10 label pouches, a bonus box (36”x 24”x7”), and free shipping right to you.

Compare Prices for College Movers

Paying for tuition feels like it costs an arm and a leg. College movers shouldn’t.

Finding the cheapest way to do things will become a second major for you while in college, but that’s not necessarily the best way to find help for college moving either. You’ll have to find that happy medium.

A good resource to use to compare prices is Moving Help®. The U-Haul branded service is an online marketplace that connects you to local, affordable moving companies. By inputting the address that you’re moving from and to, the dates and times of when you’re moving, and Moving Help® will provide different options to choose from.

The information given will include a per hour price, the number of helpers, as well as reviews from former customers of that moving company. You can also customize your order to include loading and unloading, packing, unpacking, and cleaning services.

When finding a company for any move it’s important to read reviews, get estimates, and find a balance of quality and price, that’s what Moving Help® is here for; to make your college move less stressful.    

Be a Good Classmate

If you’ve been to college lately, you’ve probably used Rate My Professors to help you choose a class or decide to pick a different teacher. Your opinion came from the experience of others, do the same for college movers.

As we mentioned when comparing prices, using reviews is very important in your decision-making process. That’s why it’s important to pass it on as well. After using a college moving company, leave a review. Passing along your information will potentially help the next college student coming behind you, and you never know if that could be your future friend.

A few companies will even offer a discount for leaving a review. Even better, to help yourself and those you know making the transition to college or are in college become a brand ambassador. Most brand ambassadors represent a company to help grow its brand around the campus and on social media in exchange for payment in some form.

Good luck finding the right college movers for you. And for all your college moving needs always come back to the experts at Collegeboxes for services, tips, and life hacks.