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Hidden Things to Do in Tempe, Arizona- Home of the Sun Devils!

Mads Presley, SDSU, ’25

I know what you’re all thinking… “Mads! Why are you writing about ASU when you go to SDSU?” Well, the truth is, this humble fashionista is from good ol’ Tempe, Arizona. On the outside, this college town may seem like quiet desert suburbia, but if you look closely, you will surely notice the life teeming within. You can take several adventurous paths in Arizona- with it being a desert and all.

Go Out on the Town

If you have a few bucks to spare, be sure to hit one of the many scenic hotels in Scottsdale, just a few minutes north of the ASU campus. Besides the many pools, waterparks, and lazy rivers, you can find accessible trolleys to shopping, massive malls, critically acclaimed restaurants, and more! If staying out in the heat isn’t your idea of a vacation, check out the local history and science museums- within walking distance of the Diamondbacks stadium! Stop in for an IMAX showing of a natural history movie in the Science Center- located in Downtown Phoenix.

Catch A Game

Are you a big sports fan? We are also the home of the Angels’ spring training, the Suns’ basketball team, and the Cardinals’ NFL team training just down the road! Catch a game, or a concert, in the big beautiful stadiums.

Enjoy the Outdoors All Year Long

If you are looking for an outdoor adventure, stop by one of the many beautiful lakes and rivers only a few hours north! You can also check out our Salt River Tubing- where you can have all-day fun with family and friends. Arizona is also known for its beautiful hiking. There are many mountains for all skill levels. If you want something short and easy for the whole family, hike Hayden’s Butte, locally known as “A” Mountain! From the top, you can see the entire downtown area and even into the ASU stadium. Camelback is a harder hike in a unique way. The hike begins at the parking area since the walk is very steep, and it increases in difficulty the higher you get to the top. It is a beautiful hike, but will likely take an hour or two due to short climbs and crowds.

Whether it be staying in, going out, or catching a sweat, be sure to do it in Tempe, Arizona! Lots to love, lots to see. Go Sun Devils!

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