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Direct Shipping Service

Collegeboxes is owned by U-Haul International, Inc.Direct Shipping - Ship boxes and luggage world-wide

How Direct Shipping Works

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1. You sign up online

Create your account and purchase a Supply Kit for $39.99 (optional). Supply kit includes 5 double walled boxes (24"x18"x16"), 1 roll of tape, 1 marker, 5 zip ties and 10 label pouches

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2. We ship you supplies

If you ordered a supply kit during sign up, we ship your supplies right to your address. Kits are shipped 1 business day after sign up. Supply kit arrives 3-5 business days once shipped.

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3. You Pack and print labels

Pack your belongings, then using your Collegeboxes account, print shipping labels for each item and attach the labels to the corresponding item using label pouches or clear shipping tape. The price for each item you ship depends upon the pickup address, destination address, dimensions, weight and declared valuation protection requested.

We pickup picture

4. We pickup

Schedule a free pickup using your collegeboxes account. Courier will come right to your address and pickup all your labeled packages and luggage. You can also drop off your items at any of the courier's shipping locations, at no additional charge.

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5. Track to delivery

Track your packages to their destination using your collegeboxes account, see your packages progress from pickup to final delivery. It's that EASY!


INTERNATIONAL SHIPMENTS: Please complete the International Shipping Quote Form.

Direct Shipping Service does not include storage of or temporary holding of your packages. Packages will be directly shipped from pickup address to delivery address.

Customers who are having their packages picked up from a dorm or apartment may have to bring their packages to a central pickup location (campus mail room, apartment office, etc).  Home pickup is directly from your door.

Customers who are having their packages shipped to a dorm or apartment may have to pickup their packages at a central location for delivery  (campus mail room, apartment office, etc). Home delivery is directly to your door.

If you miss your pickup, you can rescheduled for the following business day or you can choose to self drop-off your packages at any of our shipper's locations. Missed pickups can not be rescheduled for same day, Saturday, Sunday, or Holidays.

Click the sign up now button and create an account to get your free shipping quote today!


Supply Kit (Optional): During sign up, you have the option to purchase a supply kit for $39.99 (plus tax). This includes shipping the supply kit to your pickup address.

Shipping Price: You pay the cost to ship each package plus the desired declared valuation coverage. Shipping prices depend upon pickup address, destination address, dimensions, weight and declared valuation coverage requested for each package.

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