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Collegeboxes School of the Month: Catholic University of America

Catholic University of America

Collegeboxes knows a thing or two about different universities. As the number one student storage and shipping provider, Collegeboxes wants to spotlight one of the 350-plus schools we serve each month.   

Catholic University of America is our School of the Month for the month of September.  

Where is the Catholic University of America? 

In the nation’s capital, you’ll find more than just the White House. The Catholic University of America can be found in Washington, D.C. Back when the school was getting established in the late 1800s, New York and Philadelphia were considered as the future home for the school. However, the national symbolism of Washington, D.C. helped lead to the selection.  

On April 10, 1887, Pope Leo XIII sent a letter to Cardinal James Gibbons, archbishop of Baltimore, giving his formal approval for the founding of The Catholic University of America, and in 1887 the University was incorporated in the District of Columbia on 66 acres of land.  

The now 176-acre campus is within four miles of Capitol Hill. Students are planted in the heart of the capital of the United States with plenty of history to see. Imagine a day off from school at Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History instead.   

What is Catholic University of America Known for? 

Catholic University of America doesn’t pride itself in just one or two areas. From the big stage to intelligence agency, Catholic University of America has its hand in it.  

Do you know where the first psychology class in the United States was offered at? Catholic University of America. Psychology has grown into one of the country’s most popular majors among students and Catholic University of America has a lot to do with it. For more than 125 years, psychology students and faculty at Catholic University of America have added significantly to the international literature on the latest developments in the field. The Psychology Department now manages 11 research laboratories focusing on adolescents and families, child cognition and behavior, cognition and virtual reality, prospective memory, suicide prevention, and other crucial topics.  

The Rome School of Music, Drama, and Art has produced a handful of award winners. Alumni Jon Voight (Coming Home, 1978) and Susan Sarandon (Dead Man Walking, 1995) have won an Oscar for best actor and actress. The school also has had seven Tony Award winners and two Pulitzer Prize-winning playwrights.  

If you’re interested in nuclear waste or being a spy, Catholic University of America might be for you. Researchers at the school helped pioneer the technology the U.S. Department of Energy is using to clean up the Cold War-era, plutonium-producing Hanford nuclear reservation in Washington State — one of the largest environmental cleanup efforts in history. Meanwhile, Nicholas Dujmovic, clinical assistant professor of intelligence studies and a former CIA officer for 26 years leads the intelligence studies program. Students can learn all about spies and more.  

A few fun facts you might not know about Catholic University of America is that it’s the second-oldest research university in America behind only John Hopkins. When it added its own undergraduate program in 1904, the University’s reputation for quality research and close student-faculty collaboration was well-established and growing.  

Catholic University of America might have done something your favorite college football team hasn’t; win an Orange Bowl. That’s right, Catholic University of America won the second-ever Orange Bowl in Miami by beating the University of Mississippi, aka Ole Miss, 20-19 in 1936. Clearly, Catholic University of America has a rich history in a lot of genres.  

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