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7 Reasons to Attend Northern Arizona University

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If you’re seeking a vibrant and enriching college experience, look no further than Northern Arizona University (NAU). Nestled amidst the stunning scenery of Flagstaff, Arizona – NAU offers several compelling reasons to consider it as your college destination. In this article, Collegeboxes offers seven reasons why attending Northern Arizona University could be the college experience you’ve been searching for.

Experience All Four Seasons 

Unlike the rest of Arizona, Flagstaff has all four seasons. You get to experience fall, winter, spring, and summer. Seeing the beauty of each season and taking in the natural surroundings is an amazing experience. Watch the trees wilt orange, as the sidewalks fill with the beautiful colors of fall.

Soon, pumpkin spice and sweater weather will become blankets and hot cocoa. Just as you grow sick of the snow, spring will be there to thaw out the ice, blooming beautiful plants around you. Then just in time summer swoops in to get you nice and warm.


NAU has a lot of greenery around the campus, making it unbelievably beautiful. There is a lot to do, and if you are an outdoors type of person you would love it. If you are not, then this is the perfect opportunity to start. From hiking to parks, you can experience the natural beauty of the campus.

An even bigger plus is the beautiful places to visit nearby. When going to NAU the Grand Canyon (1.5-hour drive) and Sedona (48-minute drive) are places you need to visit. They are awe-inspiring wonders that look picturesque to the eye.

Student Involvement 

Making friends in unfamiliar places can be hard. At Northern Arizona University, there are tons of student events and clubs that you can join to get involved in the community. NAU makes sure that students feel comfortable and welcome no matter their background.

There are many resources for students to use such as events for first-year students, and lots of activities to make memories for a lifetime. This is an especially important attribute that can bring school spirit to life.

Resources Provided to Students 

There are plenty of resources to help students gain an advance. There is an app called Handshake that helps students get jobs that fit around their school schedule. NAU Go is an app for students to access any financial, academic, or upcoming events.

This is super helpful to students that struggle with finding the right area online to see what they need. If you are having trouble, student helplines are there for you to gain clarity in any concerns or questions you may have.

Fine Arts Program 

If you love Fine Arts, this can be a deciding factor for you. Whether you want to major, minor, or even just enjoy the Fine Arts, NAU has just that. The campus has amazing choral groups that you can join or just enjoy as a third party.

Every year there are festivals that support choral programs across the state and even other western states. Other Fine Arts Programs such as theater and art are offered as clubs to join or programs to minor in.

Study Abroad and International Internships 

NAU is one of the few colleges that offer students an option to study abroad. There are many countries you can choose to study in such as France, Argentina, Spain, and more. Along with that, there are opportunities to do internships aboard to better help you in your career and major.

This is something that can be life-changing and honestly is an amazing thing to pursue. Of course, this can vary, depending on your major, but this is an opportunity you would want to take if it was right in front of you.

Financial Aid Opportunities 

There are tons of opportunities that NAU offers to make the financial burden of college a little easier. NAU has a lot of academic-based scholarships to help reduce their tuition. For some, the cost of tuition can be the deciding factor on whether someone goes to college or not. Along with these scholarship opportunities, you can pick the meal plan that can make your cost cheaper.

Discounted housing is another cost-effective option; however, you are stuck with two roommates instead of just one. Northern Arizona University makes it affordable to go to a university while still being active and not being chained to your dorm room. 

Northern Arizona University offers a blend of academic rigor, community spirit, and a natural beauty that sets it apart.

Whether you’re drawn to its diverse programs or excited to explore the wonders of the great outdoors, NAU has something extraordinary to offer every aspiring student. If you’re moving to NAU this coming semester, let Collegeboxes assist your move to campus. As the #1 student storage and shipping provider – Collegeboxes offers the services you need to simplify your college moving experience.