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10 of The Best Cities for College Graduates 

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After you graduate from college, you encounter a lot of decisions. One of the biggest being, where are you going to go next? If you’re wondering where to move after college, you aren’t alone.

At Collegeboxes, we’ve been all over the United States helping students move to school. During our travels, we’ve visited some of the best cities the world has to offer! To help you with your search, we hand-picked some cities that have affordable rent, good wages, and plenty of things to do and explore. Let’s go on a mini virtual tour of the 10 best cities for recent college graduates:

Austin, Texas

If you love music, you’ll love Austin. It’s actually known as the live music capitol of the world! And better yet, it’s a diverse city full of college students, young professionals, and creative spirits. The median rent in Austin is about $1,500. On top of this, the median income sits at approximately $54,673. 

Evening view of an Austin street with people crossing.

One thing to note about Austin is that the traffic can be brutal. But on the bright side, it’s bike friendly and offers a public transit system called the Capital Metro.  

Austin is also creepy (in a good way!) With haunted tours, the Museum of the Weird, and other spooky sights to see, this is the perfect spot for alternative folks who enjoy a quirky city with plenty of exciting places to explore.

Indianapolis, Indiana

Love a big city feel without needing a big city budget? Then consider moving to Indianapolis! Living in Indianapolis is a total bargain. The median rent is only $1,046. But this is a double-edged sword, because the incomes are lower too. On average, the typical person will make around $34,592.

Since the cost of living is generally lower, you’ll still be able to build some savings while living there. Not to mention, you’ll be only a short road trip away from major cities like Chicago and St. Louis! 

Indianapolis is known for its prolific sports teams like the Pacers and the Colts. And racing fans will get revved up for the famous Indianapolis 500.

View of the Indianapolis skyline

Seattle, Washington

Got your eyes set on the tech industry? Don’t mind the rain? Then you’ll love the gorgeous city of Seattle. While the median rent sits at about $1,945, the average income is a juicy $77,616. Many illustrious companies lay down their corporate roots in Seattle, making it a great place to try and find a lucrative first job. 

Traffic in Seattle isn’t too bad, but there is limited street parking. But Seattle is an incredibly walkable city! Take a stroll for even 5 minutes and you’ll see plenty of great food options, gorgeous parks, and breathtaking sights. And once the sun goes down, the nightlife is electric!

Atlanta, Georgia

Music, art, nightlife, culture, food. If that sounds like a good time, you need to live in Atlanta! Not to mention, it’s affordable. The median rent is $1,512, but the usual income is $60,778.

Atlanta is home to many offices for well-known companies, like Microsoft, Coca-Cola, and Delta Air Lines. The growing job market is great for aspiring young professionals.  

Atlanta is also the birthplace of iconic musical acts, like OutKast, 21Savage, and TLC. If you like to produce your own music, Atlanta might be the perfect place to spark some inspiration!

Salt Lake City, Utah

With a growing population, great weather, and even better job prospects, Salt Lake City is destined to become the next Silicon Valley. You can score an apartment for about $1,254 and get an income of about $46,972. 

Mountain range with a little town in the foreground

If you’re the outdoorsy type, the national parks in Utah are unlike anything else in the world. And while the summer is gorgeous, the real fun begins in the winter! Snow sports like skiing and snowboarding are super popular in Utah. If you want beautiful views and an endless list of stuff to do, SLC might be for you.

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Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix is a booming city with new developments popping up all the time. You can expect to land an apartment for about $1,322, but the median income is about $37,499.

Phoenix is a diverse city, with plenty of bars and restaurants to explore. And with over 300 days of sunshine a year, you can always bet on going hiking, enjoying drinks on a patio, or playing a round of golf!

Boulder, Colorado

Boulder is one of the more expensive cities on our list, with a median rent of $1,853. You’d have to make your dollar stretch too, since the typical income is about $56,026.

Mountain rage located in Boulder Colorado

While you may have to learn how to budget, Boulder is a great place to lay down some roots and start a career. 

It’s the perfect place for health nuts! Boulder is the epicenter of organic and natural food industries. And it’s home to hundreds of hiking and bike trails, rock climbing opportunities, and other outdoor recreational activities.

Newark, New Jersey

Want to work in the Big Apple without having to pay the astronomical rent? Try commuting from Newark, New Jersey! The median rent in Newark is only $1,273. And while the median income is only $24,716, it’s only a 21-minute train ride from NYC, where the median income almost doubles to $48,066

Newark is also committed to expanding its public transportation infrastructure, which is why residents can now commute to downtown Manhattan in only 20 minutes!

But even within city limits, there is so much to do. Newark has all the amenities of the other cities on our list: great museums, good food, and plenty of outdoor recreational activities.

Huntsville, Alabama

Want to live in a place with a strong wage and cheap rent? Then you should consider Huntsville. With a median rent of $1,020 and a median income of $43,202, Huntsville is a great place to start building up savings. 

The jobs in Huntsville are also lucrative. You can get employed by NASA, Boeing, or even Facebook and Google! This Appalachian city is also great for hiking and watersports like fishing and kayaking. Just be prepared for the intense humidity in the summers. 

When you graduate from college, there are so many opportunities out there for you. And no matter where you end up, Collegeboxes can help you get there! With our storage and delivery services, we can store your items at a local U-Haul center for as long as you need and ship them anywhere in the world

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