About Us

Who We Are

Collegeboxes began as a student run business at Duke University in 1999. Today, Collegeboxes is a division of U-Haul® dedicated to providing full-service storage and shipping services to thousands of students across the country.

What We Do

Collegeboxes has designed a moving service catering specifically to the needs of students and schools. Collegeboxes provides in-room pickup and delivery for students needing items shipped or stored.

Our Mission

Provide a seamless moving experience for students.

Powered by U-Haul

Collegeboxes utilizes U-Haul Trucks, U-Box® Containers, U-Haul Storage Rooms, Moving Help®, and WebSelfStorage® Business Platform. Collegeboxes can provide service to more schools than other companies. Every student’s items are safe, secure, and stored nearby.

How We Help Schools

Collegeboxes has designed services that make student move-in and move-out easier for schools. This is made possible by reducing congestion and making campus safer on move-in day, by decreasing the number of shipments to the campus mailroom and providing families with piece-of-mind knowing that their son or daughter will be taken care of when they arrive at school.


Reusable Moving Boxes

Collegeboxes Signature box is built to withstand multiple uses. Students can use the same boxes all four years of their college career. Boxes can be easily disassembled and stowed away under a bed or in a closet for future use.

Reduced CO2 Emissions

One Collegeboxes truck on campus can transport 40+ students, replacing the congestion and emissions of several individual passenger vehicles making several trips per student to accommodate the same capacity. Eliminating the need for students to individually procure a vehicle for self-moving ensures less travel, trips, congestion and CO2 emissions into the air. Every mile of eliminated driving saves 12 pounds of CO2 emissions.